Veterinary Camps

We believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand. Hence conducted an veterinary camp “Pashu Kirana” in Some Rural areas of Mandya district where around 1700 Cattles were examined and treated by famous veterinary doctor Margub Hussain and team

Other activities:

  • For around 200-300 sterile cattle’s Hormonal Injection’s were given
  • Protein and Mineral mixtures were distributed for farmers as a nutritious cattle feed
  • Conducted several Awareness programmes regarding cattle rearing and its maintenance
  • In association with Rotary Bharathinagar, donated Two Calves for poor families
  • Cattle’s rallies were conducted where the best Three healthy cattle’s were awarded
  • Around 1700 Cattle were examined during veterinary camp
  • Distributed protein and mineral mixtures for around 700 cattle’s