1. To promote Computer Education in Hardware, Software and Computer Technology.
  2. To provide free medical treatment to poor patients, irrespective of caste, religious and gender of all ages from expert doctors of all discipline.
  3. To conduct periodical free medical check-up and free distribution of medicines to poor patients, obtaining help from sponsors for purchase of medicines and general requirements.
  4. To arrange for concealing & rehabilitation of mentally oriented poor people.
  5. To open care centers to senior citizens in the rural area.
  6. To arrange free clothes/uniforms, free note books and scholarships to poor students.
  7. To conduct Eye camps, and supply of spectacles, wheel chairs, try-cycles, supporting to poor people.
  8. To educate public for their co-operation in the fields of Medical Education and “AIDS” disease.
  9. To help the poor, orphans, physically and mentally handicapped people, widows and other disabled persons by providing Montessori or any other kind of assistance.
  10. Mass marriage programs of poor families
  11. Computer training course for Youths, Teachers and Blinds.
  12. Eye camps, Eye operations, Eye cataract programmes and General health camp for rural senior citizens and school children’s
  13. Heart surgery for poor people.
  14. Dental camp for School children’s.
  15. Conduct Blood Camps
  16. Formers seminar with regard to the development of crops.
  17. Sports (Hockey, Athletics and Basket ball) 1 Game for 1 School Project for youths (Purely at the Rural side)
  18. Seminar – Shri Shakthi (Programmes at the Rural side)
  19. Mass sports programme for rural youths.
  20. Veterinary camp